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How to Be an Innkeeper (Hospitalero) on the
Camino de Santiago …or Anywhere Else

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How to be an Innkeeper (Hospitalero) on the Camino de Santiago cover

On Spain’s ancient Camino de Santiago pilgrimage trail, volunteer innkeepers — hospitaleros — take care of pilgrims and manage the inns along the route. This is a quick book that explores the spirit of innkeeping and the countless tiny choices that every innkeeper must make. It’s not just for innkeepers — hopefully anyone involved in hospitality will find it useful.

9,282 words
A quick read!

Guided by Shadows:
A Westward Walk on Spain’s Camino de Santiago

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 Guided by Shadows cover


“My friend and I were on a rooftop in Granada, watching the sunset. He mentioned the Camino de Santiago, and right away I said, ‘I’m going to do it.’ I bought all the gear, shipped a bunch of things home, took the bus up to Roncesvalles and here I am.”

In the spring of 2005, Brett Stuckel was working as a nightclub promoter in Granada, Spain. This book is the story of his spontaneous decision to head north and walk the 500-mile Camino de Santiago. Along the way, he meets skinny-dipping innkeepers, entrepreneurial hippies, literary bankers and a random smattering of lovable weirdos and survivors.

He keeps walking despite blisters, cracks, rubs, chafes, pinches, stubs, twists, pulls, pokes, sock bunches, thorn snags, sunburns, heat stroke, hunger, dehydration, insomnia, mudbutt, constipation and overall weariness. And then there’s the mental side of things…

Read Guided by Shadows and discover the mystery, humor and absurdity of Europe’s most famous pilgrim path.

14,830 words